Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 8 2014

Melody is now eating more food! She is showing interest as in saying yum yum or um um lol still breastfed. still trying to teach her to say words she does say very few. She does make animal sounds when she sees a dog, cow, duck stuff animal or toy. She loves watching barney and mickey mouse. She loves dolls. Also loves putting shoes and wearing sweaters lol. She has quite a character lol Loves to be outdoors. Her ucoming appts wont be till july for dentist and in October for shriners which she has one leg longer than the other by a little. Neuroligist wont be till December and eye dr wont be till next year unless we see something different with her eyes. Her appointments are now a bit further apart which 1st year was all about appointments.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30 2014 ( 18 Months)

Melody had an eye dr on 04/21/14. Her eyes look great! So happy to hear that.  She is still having therapy with the infant program. Her therapist said she is right on track except with the talking. They want her to talk more. She is making animal sounds & when she sees the elephant she makes the noise they make!  I can tell elephant is her favorite animal :)  im proud to say she is starting to eat bit more food (she is breastfed) not trying to stop breastfeeding her but would love for her to eat food also. Shes got all her molars. So total of 12 teeth. Her hair has gotten a lil longer. I have noticed a few more new brown swirls on her hand. I will try to update every month.  She is doing so well :)

Melody with her dad waiting for the eye dr to check her eyes :)